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[IP] carb counts

WBTweak wrote
>  Carbs are too small to count.  Carbs cannot be counted except in a lab

maybe you can't count the carbs in 1/2 a cup of rice, a small apple, a slice 
of regulr bread, but I can....15.  maybe 14, maybe 16, but MOST of us average 
it out as 15.  Many of us figure out what one unit of insulin will do.  The 
AVERAGE and of course YMMV, is 1 unit for 15 carbs...personally I am actually 
1:13 when I am PMSing and 1:17 when I am not...but math in your head for 15 
is LOTS easier than math for prime numbers!!!

>  the scientific method works much better.  First, estimate the 
>  bolus.  Bolus.  Eat.  Test.  Write down what you boluses and what you ate. 
>  Use the new and improved theory next time.  It works.

So in actuality, we ARE using a "scientific method"  - we are figuring our 
carbs, or guesstimating them when we eat out, do the math (45 carbs, divided 
by 15 = 3 units of insulin), bolus and eat and correct for mistakes lower 
with more insulin or a dex tab if the conclusion of our hypotheses was wrong. 
But then that is the basis for scientic experimentation...PROVE the 
hypotheses is wrong, so you make adjustments for the next round of tests.

When I am being diligent, which is less frequent these days, I will get the 
EXACT carb count...using the side of the can or box...and use a calculator to 
do the math.  THOSE are the times when I lose weight.  For example:  can says 
53 carbs divided by 17 = 3.1 units.  When I am lazy and do the math in my 
head, I would round it to 50 carbs divided by 15 = 3.3  which is more insulin 
than I needed and may result in a low later, meaning I will have to EAT UP to 
my insulin...(of course we all know that even the labels are wrong sometimes, 
but you have to draw the line on what you do or do not acccept from the FDA). 
 In those sporadic fits of anal retentiveness, I will also be more accurate 
when I am eating out, and WILL take the calculator out to figure my bolus (oh 
god, Sara is making a PRODUCTION number out of EVERYTHING...).  I have to 
"eyeball" the portion, but it LOOKS like about 2 cups of pasta (approx 60 
carbs) and 1/2 cup of green beans (15), all those croutons on my salad (15), 
misc carrots and veggies and cheese (15) - = approx 105 divided by 17 = 6.2 
units...if i was lazy, i would have divided by 15 and taken 7 units!!! and 
then there is the tiramisu, who the heck can figure that one out....just 
bolus on the low side and cover if necessary later.

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