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[IP] skinny minnie

Gordon wrote:
>  today I had a softset 9 mm cannula, put it in and no pain
>  except for the fact It was giving me a sharp pain deep inside 

go for the silhouette/tendercomfort.  They are all the same thing just put in 
different packages.  You can control the depth or angle, and since you are 
"thin", you can do it just under the skin.  The sof set, even the small one, 
goes STRAIGHT in...ughhh and if you ARE 142 lbs on a 6' frame, I would say 
even the 6mm is gonna be hitting bone or organ or something else 
uncomfortabel...the DOWN SIDE is there is no inserter...but you can do 
it..nice and slow...deep breathe...as Geneva does it...like an airplance 
coming in for a landing.

Ask them for a sample...give it a shot (so to speak), and don't be scared by 
the LONG needle...a

>  will it really make a difference or am I just being a
>  baby?

HEY - it is your body...what hurts you may not hurt me...YMMV, remember? and 
if it DOES hurt...that does not make you a baby!!

>  thank you for kicking the pedestal
>  out ,and understanding some of what I meant

I didn't mean to kick it out from under you, just giving you my hand to step 
down from it.  No one has the answers to everything, and some people have the 
answers to nothing...all we do is share what works and what doesn't and hope 
the world doesn't explode before we get it all figured out.....

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