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[IP] proper and right

I'd love to take this private, but if you are gonna slam me in public...

Cap aka List "ID" writes

>List Mom (meaning me) writes
>  > but who are you, or anyone else...to tell me 
>  > what is "proper" and "timely" eating?  
>  BUT then List Mom writes:
>  > What kind of life is eating a 
>  > turkey sandwich every day for 25 years 
>  Is this a contradiction?  Do as I say, not as I do. How can you make
>  that first statement and then follow it up with this second one? 

I don't see the connection or the contradiction between the two statements at 

I PERSONALLY think that a life spent eating the same thing every day merely 
cuz it is PROPER or because it makes my bg more predictable is a WASTE!!!  
However, IF it works for you, then GREAT...but don't tell me that I SHOULD do 
it cuz it is PROPER and works for you!!

>You can polk fun all you want but God willing I will be
> healthy and complication free many more years.

I don't poke fun at your way, or your god, or your fortune, or your good 
genes.  Some people get complications and some don't.  It's a fact.  And VERY 
often, it has NOTHING to do with high A1Cs or length of time with the disease 
or if you eat properly or if the price of tea in China is up $2 a pound!

Sara WISTDODWY,YAHMFSS  who can figure this one out?

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