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Re: [IP] Re: ketones/checking in

kristin suchy wrote (about Atkins diet):

> My mother-in-law hounded me to death about putting Nathan on that diet 
> until I finally looked at it. I couldn't believe my eyes.  
> Kristin
> wife to Ryan, dx'd 1992
> mom to Nathan, 2 (almost), dx'd 5/99
> and Ashley, 8 months

Like, why would you want to put a TWO YEAR OLD on ANY diet?????

At that age they're still growing fast (although not as fast as during
infancy!), and they need good solid nutrition AND calories to support
that growth. And their little tummies don't hold all that much. 

Seems to me there is a good reason why children love sweets so much --
they're a concentrated source of energy! Of course, if they're going to
sit in front of the TV/computer all day, they don't need as much energy
as they're programmed to want, but gonna betcha Nathan isn't doing that!

The other thing that popped into mind is that maybe your M-i-l is
confused by Type 1 and Type 2 and doesn't understand what the difference
is. Yes, there ARE obese Type 2's out there who need to burn up some
fat, and maybe Atkins might help some of them (I know some people who
say it does), but Nathan is NOT in that category! Maybe you need to sit
M-i-l down and educate her -- even have her come to an appt. with a
dietitian with you. But you certainly don't need to be hounded about
Nathan's (OR Ryan's) diet!

Good luck!

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