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.....however, i've
>   just had my second AIC test, and i'm not even sure what it really
>   is.......they lost the results of my first test, said they had
>   been misplaced or filed, but today when kthe nurse called she was
>   upset to say my results were .087, and she said this was 50%
>   higher than it should be........first of all i dotn know what the

hbA1c is a measure of blood sugar levels over the previous 2 - 3 
months. 8.7% while not good is also not terrible. See the ABOUT pages 
of the web site for average hbA1c levels for pumpers and non-pumpers. 
You have some improvement to do, in bg control and that will lower 
your hbA1c. My daughters hba1C   3 months ago was 8.5 and is now back 
down in the 7's. It has been as low as 6.5 which is at the top of the 
normal range for non-diabetics. See:


.... have some answers
> on what to do and how it works from my friends at insulin pumpers, 
> i'll have the knowlege to fire my team, find antoher and get healthy
> again.......

Good for you Tracey!!

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