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[IP] Re: ketones/checking in

I have always been very concerned about the diets coming out.  Such as the 
Dr. ATKINS diet, which in his book specifically says that you should check 
your ketones and the strips should be bright purple, the darkest possible or 
you aren't dieting correctly.
No offense to anyone, but that seems to be a dingbat thing to do to someone 
with diabetes.
My mother-in-law hounded me to death about putting Nathan on that diet until 
I finally looked at it. I couldn't believe my eyes.  I say again-from his 
book-If you aren't having the darkest purple possible on the strip you 
aren't dieting correctly. I know that the diet was meant for the general 
public, and I am not going to give an opinion on that, but I know for myself 
I would rather die than put Nathan or any other diabetic on that diet.  (OK 
perhaps I am being a little drastic.)  Does anyone even care about this 
topic.  I'll shut up now!  Hee Hee Hee.

wife to Ryan, dx'd 1992
mom to Nathan, 2 (almost), dx'd 5/99
and Ashley, 8 months
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