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<<i've just had my second AIC test, and i'm not even sure what it really 
is.......my results were .087>>

A hemoglobin A1C test is essentially a look at the last 30 days of blood 
glucose values.  The non-diabetic A1C tends to be 4.0 -6.0 i believe.   
Generally most folks would agree that a diabetic should aim for something 
like a 6.0 .  This certainly can be argued many ways, but its important to 
not beat oneself up for numbers that aren't "normal".  Guess what.  We aren't 
the norm.  We are acting LIKE our pancreases would and therefore our control 
is subject to human error and emotion.  Tracey... you'r AIC was about 8.7% i 
would guess which I believe equates your average sugar at approximately 180 - 
210.  I would take slow doable steps to try to lower your A1C result.  More 
frequent testing will help you see where your sugars are those times when you 
aren't testing now.  Aiming for a 6.0 will only frustrate you, so why don't 
you aim for a 7.9 or something like that.... once you have seen progress 
there, you could make more changes.  

I'm glad to see you on the list again... good luck!

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