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[IP] pay off

I seem to be doing only bragging lately....but Kevins hard times are finally 
paying off. 6 weeks ago he tried out for "Challenge Soccer" which is a higher 
level of play than just the recreational play. He played Challenge back when 
he was 9 for a year, but hasnt made it in try outs for the last few 
years...(since he got dx). He got his letter today that he MADE IT!!!! It 
will be a big step up in the level of play and practices and will be good for 
him. I guess we better get our sleep NOW!

Since school ended, we havent given him any of his ADHD meds (Adderall) to 
see IF they affect his bg's and to see how is behavior is off of them. Well, 
behavior is "off the wall" and so are the bg's. We have had to raise his 
basals and his boluses and he still is out of range all the time. 
Frustrating.  I know his A1c of 6.1 is gonna be HIGHER this time around. Oh, 
well. Learning process right?

Mom to Kevin, dx 12/98
pumping 1 year
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