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Re: [IP] Meetings and Higher bgs

Yes Maura, meetings do that to me (and many others).  It doesn't even
matter what the subject matter is :-)  I think it has to do with just being
motionless and bored for so long.  and they usually have munchies whick
just make it worse--my ins/carb ratio seems to decrease by half during
meetings.  I prebolus and check often.
   I can't believe you think it is more complicated with the pump.  The
pump gives you a stable baseline--you don't have to eat if you don't want
and you don't ahve to exercise if you don't want.  When you do want to eat,
you bolus--when you exercise you just have to figure out your own body's
needs and bolus/eat accordingly.  You still have to do the latter with MDI,
except with MDI, you have no idea what your basal absorption is doing.
Exercise is complex, but having a constant basal makes it a whole lot more
easy to figure out than with the variability associated with MDI.

>	Hi! I find that my blood sugar rises to the 300s if I sit in a
>meeting for
>more than 1 and 1/2 hour. In the past, I've tested and bolused at the end
>of the meeting but the experience has turned me off of going to meetings.
>My question is how much should I do a temp basal for? Most of these
>meetings are quite quiet and I'm self-conscious about the beeps that the MM
>507C makes for temp basals. So, I'm wondering if I should bolus 1-2 units
>before the meeting. I'm wondering if other people have this problem and if
>so, what has worked for them. I generally take .9u per hour.

>Anyway, it just mystifies me how much more complicated the whole thing is
>with the pump. I'd appreciate any advice. I try not to eat a snack before
>exercising in order to maintain/lose weight.
>Maura Orloff

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