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Re: [IP] Meetings and Higher bgs

In a message dated 6/13/00 11:05:24 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Most of these
meetings are quite quiet and I'm self-conscious about the beeps that the MM
507C makes for temp basals.  >>

In similar situations, I use a square wave bolus rather than a temp basal, 
because it does not beep.  It is annoying if you want to bolus for a snack 
during the sw bolus, though (with the 507c you have to suspend the sw bolus, 
do the regular bolus, then figure out from the history or your memory how 
much more you want and for what time period.  With the 508 I believe you can 
bolus during a sw bolus).

If your bg goes up after exercise, maybe you should not be reducing the basal 
during the exercise itself?  Your lows may be a product of the earlier 
basals.  I personally find that the exercise has to be really quite prolonged 
and intensive before I notice much effect if I have not bolused within the 
last 2 hours (I do exercise regularly:  I may tend to have a little problem 
if I am just starting exercise after an illness or something like that.  
Ordinarily, the exercise is part of my overall balance, and if I am inactive 
more than a day or so, I have to increase insulin).  If I have bolused 
recently, I will drop excessively, so try to plan ahead and only bolus half 
the usual amount if I know I am going to exercise.  If I have not planned 
ahead, extra carbs is the only solution I have found (if you're afraid of 
gaining weight, try to take that amount off your later food intake?)

Linda Z
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