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Re: [IP] high bg won't come down

Personally when I have a long period of time (more than 6 hours) of stubborn 
200 numbers I assume that I have some infection in me somewhere or that my 
hormones or some medication is doing a number on me and I put a temp. basal 
on starting at .1 higher than the normal.  For me, and of course... like you 
said... YMMV ....but if my basal is set wrong (like when your body suddenly 
demands more insulin than it had been before and you didn't plan on it) I can 
bolus the $@#$#% out of it but it doesn't usually budge.  My body really 
recognizes the difference between my basal insulin and my boluses.  Try that 
and keep testing regularly whenever making a change!

Good luck

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