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Re: [IP] Arnica cream?

>The bottle said only use on UNBROKEN skin.  I don't have a pump for my son
>yet but wouldn't pump bumps apply as broken skin from the hole where the
>needle was in.

Technically it is broken skin, but I use it on freshly removed painful sites
as soon as they stop bleeding, are cleaned off with alcohol preps and witch
hazel and the brand I chose has a witch hazel base and witch hazel is used
to soothe cuts and wounds and skin inflammations. It doesnt burn at all and
the gel is clean and works in 24-48 hours. I can also baste the area around
the insertion point and massage in it w/o getting it into the hole. It's
actually quite cold and soothing to put it on a freshly removed site tho.
Mine doesn't warn against broken skin tho.

>Also, is there a diff between cream and gel?

The gel is stickier and clear, smells like witch hazel and some plant. I
think each brand varies tho. I prefer a gel as it's petroleum free and I
liked the gel base better. The cream also is thicker and gets rubbed off as
it coats more and stays on the surface more than the gel, the gel absorbed
instantly. The one I'm using is arnica montana 8x, so it's 8 percent pure
arnica. The brands all have varying compositions and I went for what had the
most arnica in it. The Arniflora makers also make a cream with the same
amount of arnica. It's simply a matter of preference:) Caveat Emptor


Randi "Pixie" Bruner
#9603-040   Bete SA
"Women and cats will do as they please and men and dogs
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