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Re: [IP] Meetings and Higher bgs

First, I'm not on a pump yet, still waiting for approval from the insurance. 
I'm doing the MDI. I can't adjust my injection of NPH in the morning because 
no day is alike and I don't know if and when I'll make it to the gym. 
However what seems to work for me is to sip Gatorade during my workout (low 
cal and you need fluids anyway). Before I started this I had similiar 
problems with going low and then being too high later. Maybe this could work 
for you along with setting a temp basal. Though I don't have a pump yet so 
it may be different.

>From: Maura Orloff <email @ redacted>
>Reply-To: email @ redacted
>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: [IP] Meetings and Higher bgs
>Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 21:19:13 +0000
>	Hi! I find that my blood sugar rises to the 300s if I sit in a meeting for
>more than 1 and 1/2 hour. In the past, I've tested and bolused at the end
>of the meeting but the experience has turned me off of going to meetings.
>My question is how much should I do a temp basal for? Most of these
>meetings are quite quiet and I'm self-conscious about the beeps that the MM
>507C makes for temp basals. So, I'm wondering if I should bolus 1-2 units
>before the meeting. I'm wondering if other people have this problem and if
>so, what has worked for them. I generally take .9u per hour.
>	I'm also wondering about the number of basal rates people use. I have 7.
>My CDE seems to discourage more than 3 but I feel that this cramps my
>style. Does anyone know of a guideline for # of basal rates?
>	One other comment/question is that I'm not too happy with the way pumping
>with Humalog affects my exercise routine. On MDI, I would adjust the amount
>of Lente I took in the morning and then exercise in the afternoon. I went
>low sometimes but usually my bg was only 60 or 70 at the end of 45-60
>minutes. After treating, the low, my bg would be in range for the rest of
>the evening. With the pump, I tend to go low after 20-30 minutes every time
>I go to the gym to work out. Lately I've been setting the pump for about .2
>for an hour before I go and then for .1 for the duration (1 hour on the
>treadmill, or  precor). Usually My bg is 50 thirty minutes into the
>workout. I treat the low with glucose tabs and at the end of the workout, I
>can be around 120-130. Then, an hour later, no matter what my ending bg
>was, I'll be 250-350. So I've been taking 2 units as soon as I'm done with
>my workout. This puts me at about 160-170 for the rest of the night.
>Anyway, it just mystifies me how much more complicated the whole thing is
>with the pump. I'd appreciate any advice. I try not to eat a snack before
>exercising in order to maintain/lose weight.
>Maura Orloff
>300 Willard Ave.
>Wakefield, RI  02879-3150
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