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RE: : [IP] re: lunch schmunch

>Gordon Keys wrote: Diabetic for 25 years with little regard to how I would
>eat, I did try to balance my injections to what I ate.

>Andrew Bender wrote:It sounds from your post that you have type 2 diabetes
and are >not totally lacking insulin as
<many of us make no insulin and have no way of smoothing out the ups of a
>like you do.

Actually I have had type 1 for 20 years (this year) and like Gordon I ate
when I wanted to, what I wanted to, and compensated.  I was on the old 3
injection a day set amount eat the same thing same time insulin regime with
it.  Lets just say I had a few swings during the day.  I know this wasn't
the brightest thing, and fortunately I don't have any complications...yet.
But to assume he had type 2 diabetes and slam him for not knowing what type
1s go through is unfair also.  I certainly found my way and he is trying to.
Plus he may be carb counting and using U which if done well can mimic a pump
rates.  In that case he has the flexibility.

As for the Lunch Schmunch thread, I think we have lost the context of the
original posts.  For the most part non-D people have the opportunity to skip
meals or delay them if they have too.  With the pump and fined tuned basal
rates now we can do that too.  I have real doubts that anyone on this list
substitutes DEX tabs for meals.  Ick!  I think the comment originally came
from someone who said they use DEX tabs for LOWS instead of unnecessary
meals or cokes or items that over treat.  By using DEX tabs you can get the
12g,15g, or 24g one needs to bring their bgs up to normal level.  And before
I get fully slammed back for this message, I also wanted to comment that we
all have our own experiences and often that is very helpful, but we all know
what works for us.  With a thread like this it feels like children bickering
and I don't feel I am getting much from it.  I hear enough of "You should do
this not this" from my parents, parent-in-laws, coworkers, random people on
the street, family members, friends, and doctors.  Can't we all just get
along? :)

-- Sherry
(Who is sheepishly crawling under her desk at work waiting for the bombshell
of emails)
Born 6/2/1976 Dxd 8/9/1980 Pump 12/6/99
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