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[IP] Re: Questions on meetings and exercise

I too find my bg's higher if i'm at a meeting, or even if i am not active 
after a meal. Generally, I will bolus at a little higher carb:insulin rate 
for the meal and set temp basals a a little higher - however, i find in order 
for it to work best, the basal rate must be adjusted 2 hours prior to when 
i'll need it - and i don't like to do this too often, cause sometimes plans 
change. With planned exercise, i set the basal lower 2 hours prior and then 
after finding my bg's creeping up about 2 hours after exercise, i've started 
raising the basal a little as i finish the work out. Sometimes, i think the 
higher #'s were caused by going too low with exercise - i still haven't been 
able to get the right insulin:exercise mix - even with eating a quick snack 
(juice) prior to and during the work out. Hopefully, one day it will all come 
together! Maybe other people on list could give their solutions - (i know, 
YMMV)  Brynn
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