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RE: [IP] . They are also FDA approved for alternate site testing (meaning

"Andrew Bender, M. D." <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Just a little sarcasm in an otherwise perfect world: I 
> never realized the
> FDA had to approve a site for testing. Like is this Big 
> Brother enough? What
> happens if you use an unapproved site? I guess you would have 
> an unapproved
> high or low. Oh sorry doc, those readings were taken from an 
> unapproved site
> so they don't count. If you eat FDA unapproved ice crème do 
> you have to
> bolus for it. I generally test on the Turnpike when driving. 
> I'd hate for
> this to be an unapproved site. Is my apartment approved?

Well I, for one, approve your sentiment.

[Note: please accept my apology for quoting the whole of Andrew's screed,
but I felt that, in this case, approval of both his post and my response
might be expedited in the event that anyone had (perhaps justifiably)
deleted his post unread prior to approving it.  I hope this meets with your

Jim Handsfield
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