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[IP] RE:Proper and Right

The List Mom a.k.a. *troublemaker* writes:

> n truth, with the freedom the pump allows, not everyone CHOOSES to live such 
> a Nazi-esque life as Cap.  

Please Sara, send me a clue.  What is a Nazi-esque way of life?  I need
your help here. 

Remember this, God has burdened all of us with a cross to bear.  Mine
happens to diabetes.  I fight back the best way I know how and I think I
am winning.  You can polk fun all you want but God willing I will be
healthy and complication free many more years.

> you aren't...and hopefully you won't think I am slamming YOU personally for 
> having an opinion, cuz I am not!!!

Gordon, she's not slamming you cuz she still has ME in her bullseye for
having an opinion and a Nazi-esque way of life.  What does that mean

> Not meant to sound rude, but who are you, 
> or anyone else, including amedical professional, for that matter, to tell me 
> what is "proper" and "timely" eating?  

BUT then List Mom writes:

> What kind of life is eating a 
> turkey sandwich every day for 25 years 

Is this a contradiction?  Do as I say, not as I do. How can you make
that first statement and then follow it up with this second one? 

Cap.....Just for good measure.....YMMV
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