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[IP] Re:Gordon--Soft Set Question

Gordon wrote:

> Today I put in a softset with a 9 mm cannula no pain going in, but after
> it was in I had a sharp pain deep inside and it had to be removed they
> didn't have a 6 mm for me to try. I'm 6 foot 142 lbs (skinny you could
> say 
> Can I expect a 6 mm to really make a difference.
> Sincerely Gordon Keys Portage Indiana.
Hello Gordon--

I used the Micro-soft set and 2 times have tried the standard soft-set. 
I have also experienced the same *deep pain* you have mentioned with the
standard 9 mm.  Give the Micro's a shot. 6mm. I have had no pain with
the shorter sof-set.  You may also want to they the Sil's.  They seem to
work the best, last the longest and for me stay attached firmly the best
with the summer heat.

Good Luck, drive carefully, and eat well.

Cap.....Oh.....Can't forget the YMMV!
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