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[IP] Re: emergency kits

I've always been told to never stick your finger in the mouth of
a person who is seizing (unless you want to lose a finger!) ;)
I'll try to describe as best I can why I couldn't get much in
She had her mouth shut tight, even at the corners, like a
grimace. She didn't do that at first. I had put the tube in her
mouth and got some in there and then she moved her head just
enough to make it come out, so I tried to do it again. She was
completely out of it but when it touched her lips again she
closed her mouth VERY tight, sort of like little kids do when
you're trying to make them eat something they don't want. Her
head and body were moving quite a bit which made it that much
more difficult (moving target.) She was also making gurgling
noises. She was on her side but with the moving around I think
some of the gel and drool managed to get to the back of her
throat, causing her to gurgle. I remember thinking, as I was
trying to get the gel in her mouth and then hearing the gurgling,
that this couldn't be safe. I'm surprised she didn't choke. You
have to remember, she was convulsing, not just passed out. 
The on-call dr basically lectured me for not trying harder to get
the gel in her mouth and assumed that I had gone for the glucagon
first in a panic (which wasn't true at all.) Our endo said I did
exactly what he would have told me to do. I've been looking
through my diabetes books since then and they say if the person
is unconscious or seizing, to give glucagon. So, I know I did the
right thing. I just wish I hadn't needed to. :)

Ruth said:

I always wondered about seizures and getting cake gel/icing,
whatever into
cheeks.  why couldn't you get inside of her cheek with the gel. 
isn't the
cheek maleable....able to be moved to accommodate the gel?  I was
under the
impression that one could stick finger inside cheek and squeeze
the gel out
and massage.

Take care, Kerri, alulitsuti (mother of many children) 
"God teaches the birds to make nests, yet the nests of all birds
are not alike." Duwamish proverb
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