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[IP] Emergency Kits; Time For Glucogon??

In a low blood sugar and unconscious some people become physically very
unmanageable.  At that point it sure is nice to be prepared and give a shot
of Glucogon if needed. For a child a partial dose would need to be worked
out  with an MD.  With adults it may require two doses or at least part of a
second dose so I am told..To be really safe have two kits.  Traveling? A
I have needed it 3 times in 45+ years.  All of these times were at least ten
years apart.  The last two times my wife was able to give it to me.  Great
results.  First time before Glucogon was even developed, a seizure resulted
in compression fracture of three vertebra, several chipped teeth and three
hospital days also several very frightened friends.
 Demand the longest expiration date possible on an RX.  It can save you a
trip to the hospital.
It is in my emergency kit.       Charles ...

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