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RE: [IP] Inserting Silhouettes

At 10:45 PM 6/13/00 -0400, you wrote:

>  Does anyone know if there is a website that shows or explains how to 
> insert the silhouette.

You can find a pretty good illustrated explanation on Disetronic's website 

There is also a link to it from the IP website in our How To section:

Or you can search the IP mail archives.  There's a very nice set of 
directions written by Mary Jean Renstrom entitled, "Silhouette Insertion - 
Here's how," dated Feb 9, 2000.  (I used these directions the first time I 
inserted one and they were invaluable.  Thanks, Mary Jean!

I include the text hereafter.

<<snip>> Otherwise, here is the basic procedure, without the benefit of the 

1. Peel off the front half of the paper backing (the front is the side by 
the needle, the back is the tubing end). Fold the tape back and stick it to 
the end of your index finger to keep it out of the way.

2. Pinch up the skin at your insertion site, and grasp the Sil between your 
thumb and middle finger (take off the needle guard), and insert the set at 
a shallow angle.

3. Roll down the front half of the tape and stick it to your skin.

4. Place a finger over the little window in the Silhouette, where the 
cannula goes into your skin, while you remove the insertion needle. You 
have to squeeze the sides inward to release the needle.

5. Flip the set up so you can peel off the back half of the paper backing. 
As you remove the paper, smooth the set down onto your skin. Hold your hand 
over the whole set, pressing gently, for a few seconds to warm the adhesive 
and create a better bond.

6. Prime the tubing so there is insulin dripping out of the small needle in 
the end. Connect the tubing to the cannula. There is a "right" side and a 
"wrong" side. The two halves won't go together if you have the wrong side 
up. Make sure you hear it click into place.

7. Prime the cannula with about 7 tenths of a unit.

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