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[IP] Meetings and Higher bgs

	Hi! I find that my blood sugar rises to the 300s if I sit in a meeting for
more than 1 and 1/2 hour. In the past, I've tested and bolused at the end
of the meeting but the experience has turned me off of going to meetings.
My question is how much should I do a temp basal for? Most of these
meetings are quite quiet and I'm self-conscious about the beeps that the MM
507C makes for temp basals. So, I'm wondering if I should bolus 1-2 units
before the meeting. I'm wondering if other people have this problem and if
so, what has worked for them. I generally take .9u per hour. 
	I'm also wondering about the number of basal rates people use. I have 7.
My CDE seems to discourage more than 3 but I feel that this cramps my
style. Does anyone know of a guideline for # of basal rates? 
	One other comment/question is that I'm not too happy with the way pumping
with Humalog affects my exercise routine. On MDI, I would adjust the amount
of Lente I took in the morning and then exercise in the afternoon. I went
low sometimes but usually my bg was only 60 or 70 at the end of 45-60
minutes. After treating, the low, my bg would be in range for the rest of
the evening. With the pump, I tend to go low after 20-30 minutes every time
I go to the gym to work out. Lately I've been setting the pump for about .2
for an hour before I go and then for .1 for the duration (1 hour on the
treadmill, or  precor). Usually My bg is 50 thirty minutes into the
workout. I treat the low with glucose tabs and at the end of the workout, I
can be around 120-130. Then, an hour later, no matter what my ending bg
was, I'll be 250-350. So I've been taking 2 units as soon as I'm done with
my workout. This puts me at about 160-170 for the rest of the night.
Anyway, it just mystifies me how much more complicated the whole thing is
with the pump. I'd appreciate any advice. I try not to eat a snack before
exercising in order to maintain/lose weight.
Maura Orloff
300 Willard Ave.
Wakefield, RI  02879-3150

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