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[IP] darn infusion sets

Questions galore!
 Ok, first off I did finally order as I needed to, but
now I'm waiting on my doc to reply to MM.
 I ordered Micro Sof Sets. I have been having probs
with them since I "returned" to using them a week ago,
but also having probs with my rapids too. I think it's
because I'm trying my stomach and not my back, but I
gave my stomach 6 weeks off, and micros won't go in my
back. Ok, talk about painful sites! This is the hell
that frustrated me like hech for months last year!
Right now I have a rapid in, and most sites are only
lasting a day at most. I have just been moving the one
needle b/c not knowing when my order is going to come,
I'm not willing to waste infusion sets right now,
although I do have enough that I could. 
 Anyhow, I keep taking my sites out, putting on EMLA
and then reinsertng them (or moving them/new set).
That only helps for hte hour the EMLA is active.
Inserting doesn't hurt, but jeez afterwards does! 
 That and I'm getting awfully red sites even after
only 24 hrs. The heat is back,and I'm sweating at the
gym so that's not helping tape stick at all.
 WELL< today I mixed R and H in my pump. No, my endo
doesn't encourage this (or know I'm trying it) but I
am not going to live with awful bumps or painful
sites. I'm hoping that at least the R will extend the
time of the sets. As for the pain, I'm not sure.
 Anyone got any real tricks? Is there any cream which
can numb the skin for days? (I don't care about
insertion, I do NOT insert through cream then, but
within an hour it hurts like hech)

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