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: [IP] re: lunch schmunch

Gordon Keys wrote: Diabetic for 25 years with little regard to how I would
eat, I did try to balance my injections to what I ate. It sounds from your
post that you have type 2 diabetes and are not totally lacking insulin as
many of us make no insulin and have no way of smoothing out the ups of a day
like you do. We also do not make glucagon so your response to hypos is not
near what ours is. There is a big difference between your form of diabetes
and most of us pumpers. as we say most of the time YMMV also Mr. Keys don't
criticize us until, g-d forbid you walk a mile in our moccasins. I'm certain
you were not trying to be critical or negative but it seemed to come across
that way I'm sure Amy took no offense, you're learning as we all are.

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