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[IP] proper and right

GORDON wrote:

welcome to IP and I enjoyed much of your first post...though I did disagree 
with some of it...I do not think you are a jerk, at all, and your lifestyle 
and diabetes history sounds much like mine, HOWEVER I just think you might be 
approaching Amy's post from a closed side

>  Please do not take me as a jerk!!! 
>  It just bugged me the last few days

you aren't...and hopefully you won't think I am slamming YOU personally for 
having an opinion, cuz I am not!!!

>  To come on a board and use an excuse your mileage may very

But it is NOT an excuse, no matter what context you use it in...It is what is 
known as a disclaimer.  none of us (or very few of us) are medical 
professsionals, and the FACT that I can get 6 days out of a site with NO 
resulting pump, is simply a case of YMMV...and Amy, while a tad midguided, 
shouldn't be told she is using "poor taste" in posting such.  She is a kid, 
with no support from her school nurse, very little obvious support from her 
parents (or she wouldn't BE eating the way she does), but a HIGH intelligence 
and a lot of knowledge about the way her body works...and you, while you do 
have a great deal more experience with life and diabetes than she, and you 
are a father of a 17 year old (I assume from what you wrote) do NOT have a 
pump, nor are you a pressured teen aged girl with diabetes, who seems to be 
just venting.  Amy does have some issues with food and weight, obviously, but 
she needs our support and encouragement, not to be told she is a bad person...

In truth, with the freedom the pump allows, not everyone CHOOSES to live such 
a Nazi-esque life as Cap.  Even the best controlled people, the most 
diligent, the most proper eaters have lows, require dex tabs more than once a 
day (ie a woman beginning her period typically is very low the entire first 
day of her period),  some of those diligents even have his...Didn't Cap 
mention something about a broken meter and a resultinf bg over 250???  It is 
the blessing of the almighty human user of the pump that allows us to live 
life as it was intended and to enjoy some so-called sinful indulgence 
everynow and then

Besides...who is *****, or ****** or ANYONE to tell me or anyone else what is 
PROPER and GOOD to eat...IF you were to say "eat lots of high fiber products 
- they help you need less insulin (which is a popular idea)- like whole grain 
breads, lots of strawberries and apples,  they are good for you, and the 
person you told that to is just out of the hospital after a flare up from 
diverticultis, and is allergic to gluten, for example, you would be telling 
them a mistruth!!  you can't eat those seeds and nuts and apple peels when 
you have diverticultis, and even strawberries are verbotten!!!

>  Yes I hate sandwiches and I rarely pack a lunch, but I will eat
>  something (taco,long johns ect.)

are you saying that a taco or long john silvers FRIED food is proper healthy 
eating?  (or did you mean "a" long john, as in the cream filled kind with 
chocolate frosting - LOL?)  I LIKE the way you think...cuz I think the same 
way.  If you can bolus for the carbs and be prepared to bolus for the carbs 
delayed by fat later, then, damn straight, this DOES have the potential to be 
a PROPER meal!  add a piece of fruit and make some doctor who never eats 
fruit and smokes cigarettes happy!

>  choose to not eat as properly as we all should

Oh pooh...and we should all drive the speed limit, and we should all drink 
milk cuz it gives us strong bones, we should license guns cuz then ONLY 
criminals would have them and maybe, JUST maybe, we should gett rid of all 
them darn democrats in washington so this country could get back on track 
<joke....VBG>  shoulda woulda coulda...YMMV - what is right for one, is NOT 
right for another, necessarily.  I almost NEVER eat lunch before 4:00, 
breakfast is usually crackers and coffee, if that, I never go to bed "on 
time," I do NOT rise and shine...it is more "up and let em at me" and I know 
I don't drink enough milk.  but that is me, and as they say...YMMV

I had a doctor tell me and my mom when I was 13 that I was "bad" for eating 
vanilla wafers and a stawberry milk shake for breakfast, despite the fat that 
my exchange diet called for 2 breads (12 vanilla wafers), 1 milk and 1 fat 
(8oz of 2%milk), 1 protein, (one egg - pre salmonella scare days, you could 
eat them raw), and 1 fruit (a cup of strawberries).  sure say to your 
doctor..i had cookies and a milk shake for breakfast...doesn't sound so 
PROPER...but YMMV!!!

>  yet my take on the meaning
>  of your mileage may very has more to do with personal absorption of
>  insulin, size and girth ,and your own metabolism.
>  Not weather we chose to not eat right.

Actually it does apply to everything. The things you mention are the things 
that we can SHARE our experiences and advice about in this forum cuz EVERYONE 
here shares them with us.  It is those extenuating circumstances that makes 
everyone different, and each case special.  You may not choose to share your 
frolicking adventures with us...YMMV.  I thought my sharing was appropriate 
to the discussionn of whether or not to disconnect.  The thrill of wearing 
blue eye shadow  MAY have an affect on Geneva's blood sugar, however YMMV and 
it may not have as significant an affect on you...tee hee...kidding you!..

>  but would it be in our best interest to not take it for
>  granted and use it the way it was intended.(not to skip breakfast,and
>  lunch while we attend school

But we "as a collective assimilated into the borg" don't take it for granted. 
 Most of us try to find the best ways to give it the best value possible, in 
return to give us the best life possible.  What kind of life is eating a 
turkey sandwich every day for 25 years (I mean unless you are a cow and every 
turkey sandiwch you eat is one less cow cousin slaughtered....)

peace be with you and merry bg to all, and to all a GOOD NIGHT
See at last, See at last, praise fisher almighty, I can see at last

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