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RE: [IP] Tape hole in the middle.of bumpy tape

Title: RE: [IP] Tape hole in the middle.of bumpy tape

 Does anyone know if there is a website that shows or explains how to insert the silhouette.  I was sent 1 with my new trade in mm508.  Everyone here has said such good things about sils that I want to try it.  Thing is, it didn't come with instructions.  I thought I was sold on my sof-sets but all the positives on the sils has me wondering.  Thanks for any help


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Subject: [IP] Tape hole in the middle.of bumpy tape

As I understand it is so after insertion and fastening you can remove
introducer needle (trocar). I put IV 3000 over the entire thing like a
If you remove the trocar after insertion there is a risk that the whole
wings, cannula and all can pull out. I don't like those sets, they do
last as long as the sils nor are they as comfortable to each his oiwn,
my 0.02$

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