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Re: [IP] re: lunch schmunch

Hello all this is my first post, and I don't mean to start off with a
I have been a diabetic for 25 years ,with little regard to how I would
eat,I did try to balance my injections to what I ate. (guessing at
I am a District opps mgr for a major Corp,and I drive about 8000 MI a
month. I live in hotel about three times a week or more,and eat out more
than I like .
a 36 hr day during a bad inventory is not common,thou I've been there
and done that. 
ok enough about me!
Cap is right in his comment about dex tabs(four times a day or more???)
Yes I hate sandwiches and I rarely pack a lunch, but I will eat
something (taco,long johns ect.)
To come on a board and use an excuse your mileage may very, because you
choose to not eat as properly as we all should.(To me is of poor taste.)
I'm new to pumps,as a matter of fact mines is still not here yet, and I
truly have learned very much from all of you,yet my take on the meaning
of your mileage may very has more to do with personal absorption of
insulin, size and girth ,and your own metabolism.
Not weather we chose to not eat right.
You all tought the great advantage s ,and flexability the pump has given
to you all, but would it be in our best interest to not take it for
granted and use it the way it was intended.(not to skip breakfast,and
lunch while we attend school,(school gives you the time to eat lunch and
i would not accept that from my seventeen year old).
Please do not take me as a jerk!!! 
It just bugged me the last few days

amy m wrote:
> Just my two cents worth and my own experience--
>  first off, for me to have an a1c near 7 or below, I
> go through usually at least 4 glucose tabs each day,
> never more than about 12 a day. I like to skip lunch
> at school on B-days and usually try to compensate by
> eating a pack of crackers at 9am (bfast at 7, and then
> dinner at 5:30pm, so that's a while to not eat)... as
> for eating on schedules.. YEAH RIGHT!
>  Sorry, I have been nonstop criticized for my eating
> habits since I got my pump--bottom line, everyone is
> different, personally I don't care if my habits suck
> b/c my control doesn't, and if I wanted to be forced
> to eat meals at scheduled times, I'd be on shots.
>  As for criticism, well, I like to have about 30 g cho
> for lunch. To me, that should be enough--I'm a teen
> but I'm definitely not growing, more like shrinking.
> And if I don't eat lunch, that's fine. My school nurse
> blames *ALL* the probs I've had with this pump on my
> eating habits---but then again, she just realized 3
> days ago WHY I do insulin every time I eat anything
> (she thought I was doing it to hurt myself, thinking I
> counted calories and NEEDED the same amount each
> time)... My diet has always sucked, as I see it, I go
> through stages....healthy eating lots of salad, light
> eating about 120g cho a day (I think that's where the
> ketones come from) and heavy, like 240 g a day--my
> appetite varies, for weeks I'll always crave food and
> then I'll want nothing to do with food.  personally my
> bg are better with the less I eat, whether its causing
> ketones or not.
>  My own personal latest thing is 3 meals no snacks and
> the gym in the middle of the afternoon.
>  Lunch, well I'm nto sure what this summer will bring.
> I'm not forcing myself to eat on a schedule at all,
> but have learned the "tricks" to maintaining weight
> without gaining, while also achieving good bg control.
>  Everyone is differnt, but at least for me, every day
> is different and that always complicates
> schedules--ie, my mom wanting to eat dinner at 5;30,
> but not being here 2 nights a week so I fend for
> myself, and then "B" days at school where I don't eat
> lunch, and a few times a week I work when if I'm lucky
> to get a break, I have dinner sometime b4 8 pm...the
> pump is meant for this freedom!
>  Cheers
>  Amy
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