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Re: [IP] software capable of downloading many meters

I would like to correspond with someone that has and us the Diabass.
I 'm using DEX.   I like the charts it will make.
Anika, do you use it?   Quacker Don

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From: Anika Schon <email @ redacted>
To: Insulin-Pumpers <email @ redacted>
Sent: Tuesday, June 13, 2000 4:55 PM
Subject: [IP] software capable of downloading many meters

> For whoever requested software capable of downloading a variety of meters:
> My favorite program is "Diabass"  located at http://diabtrends.com (go to
> "English" then "products" then "Diabass"). The program can download the
> following meters (assuming you have the proper cable that goes with your
> meter):
> Bayer-Glucometer DEX®
> Accutrend®DM
> Accutrend® G
> Reflolux® S
> OneTouch® II
> OneTouch® Profile
> Medisense Q.I.D. / Card-Sensor / Pen
> BBraun omnitest sensor®
> MelliComp (Interface for MediSense Meters)
> Accu-Chek® Easy / Accu-Chek® Advantage
> NEW Glucotrend Premium®
> and Accu-Check Complete® (Accutrend sensor complete®)
> What it doesn't download, you can plug in by hand.
> It also allows logging of insulin, food and exercise and displays include
> daily graphs (plotting BGs, exercise, food and insulin basals and boluses
> one graph.) It can do scatter graphs for pattern detection and pie chart
> breakdowns and a reasonably good HbA1c estimator. (It has usually come
> within 0.2 of what my doc gets from me.  Of course, the meaning of any
> depends on where the non-diabetic range falls for the particular test.
> that in mind as well as the fact that an estimate is no substitute for the
> real thing.)  There is also a place for keeping track of doc visits. It's
> worth a peek.

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