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[IP] Fast Take

Well, I called Lifescan today admist all my chaos and they were great!  
Thanks especially to the person who reminded me that HELLO! the number to 
Lifescan is on our meter.

They are sending me free control solution (I couldn't find it anywhere).  
They also told me I could buy it over the internet. (Another DUH! moment, 
but hey, I am cutting myself a break today!)

They are also sending me some free logbooks (which they do for everyone) and 
one of their new cases which now holds one of their free logbooks.  They are 
also sending me their new adjustable "lancet device" since the old one makes 
Nathan's fingers gush like Niagra falls.

Last but not least, I asked about their new test strips.  They said the 
information on using them on the forearm is coming out soon, and they are 
sending all their customers information on it.  He said once the pharmacies 
run out of old inventory of strips, that the new ones are all that they will 
recieve.  Hooray.  PS (He is sending me a free box of their new strips.  
What a nice guy.)

I told him about the freestyle meter, which he was interested in, but 
essentially the new strips will do the same. However, I am still wondering 
what we will use to prick their forearms?

I called Freestyle (1-888-522-5226) and they are sending me an information 
kit.  The new meter is 75.00 with a 40.00 rebate and is coming out the end 
of this month which everyone probably already knows.

I also called BD, because I bought an adjustable pricker from them and it 
broke the same day. They are sending me a new one.

Last, but not least, I called Walmart, and they do not have the new
Reli On 1/2 unit syringes here.  They didn't know what I was talking about.  
Does anywhere else carry them?  Are they 3/10 cc?

Thanks to all on this list who reminded me that, hey, these companies are 
here to help me.  I sure spend enough money for them.

PS I also called Accu-Chek about my husbands meter, and they were not very 
helpful.  And that's all I will say about that.  Maybe it was too close to 5 

Hope this info. helps someone.

Kristin Suchy
mom to Nathan, 2, dx'd 5/99
and Ashley, 8 months.
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