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[IP] software capable of downloading many meters

For whoever requested software capable of downloading a variety of meters:

My favorite program is "Diabass"  located at http://diabtrends.com (go to
"English" then "products" then "Diabass"). The program can download the
following meters (assuming you have the proper cable that goes with your
Bayer-Glucometer DEX®
Accutrend® G
Reflolux® S
OneTouch® II
OneTouch® Profile
Medisense Q.I.D. / Card-Sensor / Pen
BBraun omnitest sensor®
MelliComp (Interface for MediSense Meters)
Accu-Chek® Easy / Accu-Chek® Advantage
NEW Glucotrend Premium®
and Accu-Check Complete® (Accutrend sensor complete®)

What it doesn't download, you can plug in by hand.
It also allows logging of insulin, food and exercise and displays include
daily graphs (plotting BGs, exercise, food and insulin basals and boluses on
one graph.) It can do scatter graphs for pattern detection and pie chart
breakdowns and a reasonably good HbA1c estimator. (It has usually come
within 0.2 of what my doc gets from me.  Of course, the meaning of any HbA1c
depends on where the non-diabetic range falls for the particular test. Keep
that in mind as well as the fact that an estimate is no substitute for the
real thing.)  There is also a place for keeping track of doc visits. It's
worth a peek.


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