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Re: [IP] lunch schmunch

email @ redacted wrote:

A picturesque reply! (I'm in line for Space Mountain -- it stretches all
the way to Reno, Nevada!)

I think that many of us have that idea implanted in our heads that if
we'd only do it JUST RIGHT, our BGs would be normal.

Some people have an easier time of it than others, but truly normal BGs
are just not in the cards at this time. 

And just when you think you've got it figured out, something changes,
and everything is wacko again! :(

The carb ratios that used to work for me don't work any more, and I'm
having to get vicious about whacking my BGs down -- and trying to fight
the fear of hypos. (Fear of hypos is worse than hypos themselves,

Last night I did, and got a good fasting BG this morning for the first
time in months.

And I just found out that I really DID have a heart attack -- it showed
up on the thallium scan I had last Thursday -- there was never any
conclusive proof before. I'm not sure whether the scar is from the big
spasm in 1992 (when I was 44), or the minor one I had last February. But
the doc says there is no evidence of any arteriosclerosis, and he's not

I guess the upbeat part is that it was real, and not in my head! 

But I have to say I'm confused and uncertain about what I should be
doing as far as BGs -- I CAN knock them down if I take more insulin, and
I'm not taking a real lot (about 25u a day), but there's this voice in
my head that says that too much insulin is a bad thing!

So I guess I need some reassurance! 
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