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RE: [IP] to pump or not to pump

Me either! Never would I choose to go back on MDI. I loved the pump from
the first day I was on it. It literally saved my life because of the large
amounts of Pred I was on (am still) and my last A1C was 7.1 down from a 9
and my non fasting blood sugar test taken at the same time was 102. It has
taken me along time but with the pump I have done it and also lost weight
and feel great..I don't feel attached at all. Even if I did I look at the
pump as a tool to help me live a longer life. I can even have treats and
sleep late and life is alot less stressful in regards to the diabetes since
I have been on a pump.
I use my Dual Wave and am a happy camper!
I feel sad for my mom who has to gather all of her shot supplies for her
multiple shots every day. It takes alot of her time. And her energy because
she already has lost alot of health due to her diabetes.  I offered her my
extra pump and she is going to think about it. I think she would do best on
I don't feel attached to my pump..it is nothing more than having a pager
which I have. I forget I have my pump until I get up and it is swinging
around LOL.
With the technology today to help us cope with diabetes and how easy it is
to get used to I don't know why someone would want to stay with MDI. It
isn't worth it anymore.
We went and got a loan for my first pump..my insurance paid for my second
one. We including my doc felt it would help so much we didn't care if we
needed to get a loan. My life is worth alot more then the cost of the pump.
Well that is my input :)
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At 08:13 AM 06/13/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>I think you are going to get a lot of responses on this one!

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