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[IP] RE: Fast Take Strips

The new FastTake strips take 1.5 microliters and can be used as end fill or
top fill. They are also FDA approved for alternate site testing (meaning
forearm, etc.).

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kristin suchy wrote:

> Does anyone know anything about new Fast Take strips.  I have heard they
> were coming out with some, but I looked at Walmart yesterday and didn't
> any.  We have had the new Fast Take strip that has two windows to verify
> that you have enough blood.  Are those the new ones?  Because I heard the
> new ones would suck up blood from the end?  These don't, I think.  Ok,
> the rambling lady!  Anyways, any info. out there?

I mentioned earlier this week that the new strips were now at our pharmacy
here in Colorado. They take in the blood at the tip of the strip rather than
on the top, and they use
less blood. Tarek, age 8, really likes them. Someone also posted last night
or this morning an article regarding the strips being able to take blood
from the arm, but we
haven't tried that yet. I don't know how keen Tarek would be on me poking
his arm!! :)

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