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[IP] lunch and glucotabs

Had to comment on this thread since I use the glucotabs.

Carrying a lunch daily is a good idea since dining out makes carb counting 
more difficult. That said, glucotabs rule.

Liked what someone said:

<I've learned to treat moderately and to be patient.  The tabs help me do 
that.  I haven't had any rebound highs since using this method.>

Love those tabs because I can take 3 or 4 and know that 15 gm carb  will 
bring me back up to target range. No more rebounds for me either. 

I have an 18 mo. old toddler. Keeps life interesting and unpredictable. Don't 
know what I'd do without the tabs. And if you want to add another interesting 
variable: Pregnancy did a number on my bg levels LOW LOW. I ate ALL DAY LONG 
and still needed the glucose tablets, and that was with a Dr. adjusting my 
dosages every couple days. Also real pressure not to rebound with highs.

Beth H.
MiniMed 508 since Feb. 2000

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