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[IP] Random Rant :: Ignore me...

<RANT TYPE=diabetic-roller-coaster>
*ugh* So I was on the coaster yesterday...

By bedtime I was crying, and Angela wasn't helping, she 
was having a bad day too and adding her depression on 
top of mine.

I just feel sick, scared, alone... I know I'll feel 
better by tonight when my levels have stablized enough, 
but until then I don't want to move... I'm ato work 
because my coworkers have all chosen the most stressful 
time of the year to take time off and I'm left with too 
much work and not enough time or familiarity with the 
environment to do the job (did I mention I've been at 
this job less than four months).

Noone needs to respond to this... I'll be fine... I 
just need a random 2000 shoulders to dump on.

Be well.


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