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Re: [IP] Hogwash and Natural Remedies

In a message dated 06/13/2000 9:34:28 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I learned that the drug Reglan, which I was taking 3 -4 times 
 daily for gastro-paresis has a side effect of acute depression, even 
 suicidal tendencies, and is NOT RECOMMENDED for people with a history of 
 severe depression (ME in otherwords).  >>

Thanks for this tip.  I have my first bottle of Reglan sitting in the 
cupboard.  The dr gave it to me to see if my stomache wasn't emptying at 
night, hence the high nightime bgs, sometimes.  Haven't tried it yet, don't 
think I will now because I've had some nasty bouts with depression too.  Did 
a 45 min walk just before bed last night and my bgs were quite happy.  158 at 
11pm, 80 at 1am, 135 on waking.  Think I'll work on perfecting the exercise 
routine before I try this drug.

I always learn new things on this list.  Thank you so much.

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