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Re: [IP] first problem with Disetronic

I think this is a YMMV thing. My insurance requires I use a company they
have contracted with. They gace us names of medical supply companies but
none carried pump supplies to we had to go back to BC/BS and tell them
there wasn't a place around that carried pump suppies so we then got
approval to get my supplies from minimed directly. I cannot use any of the
supply places that are advertised say in Diabetes Forecast Magazine.. I am
very limited but I have Never had a problem getting my supplies directly
from MiniMed.
It sounds like the person who was suppose to take the order at Disetronic
was someone who was not doing thier job and not Disetronic's fault. I also
have a disetronic pump and really liked it until my doctor said I would do
better with the dual wave.
I would let the comapny know that one of thier employees didn't do what
they were suppose to do.
As far as the other call in places..it would be nice for me to call in and
get my supplies (test strips etc) and even a 3 month supply but that isn't
in the contract that my hubby's workplace has with BC/BS. 
As always YMMV :)

At 01:48 AM 06/13/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>><<<I'm going to share my Disetronic problem with you!  >>>
>I like the convenience of ordering from a medical supply company (Liberator 
>Medical Supply 1-800-323-0914 is the one I have had excellent service 
>from). They handle the insurance companies with ease and speed..often 

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