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: [IP] sites and summer

You can use gorilla snot to fasten any adhesive bandage to the skin or any
other surface: Tincture of Benzoin. Put a few drops on a cotton ball or even
a Q-tip will work. Rub it on the area you want to apply the adhesive to.
Wait a few moments for it to dry, do not touch the area it is sticky. Stick
the adhesive to it. It protects the skin and holds tight to the adhesive
surface. you don't need to sterilize the surface with alcohol since Tincture
of Benzoin is 75 to 80% alcohol. I use it to fasten a safety tape to my
tubing.  You can get this without a prescription at any good drug store. It
may remain tacky after you remove the tape and stuff in which case nail
polish remover or an alcohol wipe will take it off.

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