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[IP] Hogwash and Natural Remedies


'me' wrote in response to Lori Willeys post on some natural remedy panacea 
for diabetics:

 >Sounds a little far fetched to me

Sounds like complete HOGWASH to me.  Don't you think if something like this
existed your doctor would know about it?

Save your money.>

I just wanted to add that my doc, a well respected endocrinoloist in Little 
Rock, doesn't know about 1/2 the things I've learned on this list.  Just 
yesterday, while thumbing through a friends copy of the Physician's Desk 
Reference, I learned that the drug Reglan, which I was taking 3 -4 times 
daily for gastro-paresis has a side effect of acute depression, even 
suicidal tendencies, and is NOT RECOMMENDED for people with a history of 
severe depression (ME in otherwords).  I thought my depression was due to my 
diabetes problems.  When I read this I called him immediately and told his 
nurse I wanted off it.  NOW!  I don't think it's a great idea to trust one's 
doctors as the be all and end all of knowledge when it comes to diabetes and 
the drugs used to treat it.  Vigilance is the key.


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