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[IP] Atkin's type diet NOT RECOMMENDED for diabetics:

In an attempt to start a diet war (well, we've had pump wars, insulin wars,
site wars, I guess a diet war would be fair) I pulled this out of today's

SAN ANTONIO, June 12 — For any of the estimated 80 percent of diabetics who
are overweight and thinking of trying one of the popular high-protein diets
popularized by national best-sellers, think twice, experts advised here Monday
at the annual meeting of the American Diabetes Association.
“THE DIETS that are low in carbohydrates and high in protein tend to be very
high in fat, and a high intake of saturated fat is related to increased rates
of high cholesterol and heart disease,” said Elizabeth Mayer-Davis, a
nutritionist with the International Diabetes Center in Minneapolis. With
diabetics already at increased risk for heart problems, “the last thing we
want is for them to eat a diet that would worsen their risk for heart
disease,” Mayer-Davis said. She noted that three-quarters of diabetics die
from cardiac ills. The popular Atkins diet and others that promote consuming
lots of protein and little carbohydrates are generally high in “bad” fat such
as the saturated kind found in bacon, eggs and butter — all of which are
encouraged by these plans. Followers are generally advised to limit or avoid
foods that most health experts would consider smart choices, such as grains,
fruits, vegetables, and milk and yogurt.

There is more to the ariticle but I figure that anyone interested can go to
the site.

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