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[IP] Natural Substance and Diabetes

Hi Lori!

Lori wrote on June 12:
<It states people who have tried this natural remedy have reported better
vision, more energy, faster healing, regained feeling in their feet, as well
as a reduction of various risk factors associated with other diseases.
IT says to mail a piece of paper with name, addy, and the words :Diabetes
Improvement: on it, along with check for $12.95 plus $2 for s/h.  The
company is The Leader Co, Inc, in Canton, Ohio.
Does it sound like a worthwhile buy, or do you all think its a fluke?>

I always wonder when I read this kind of thing and am interested in knowing 
what thie 'natural substance' is?  A secret?  A formula?  A combination of 
Vitamins B, and C with maybe some Chromium thrown in?  I  daresay the above 
could help someone with deficiencies in these areas, but I suspect you're 
already doing whatever's necessary to help you diabetes be as manageable as 
possible.  If they don't give you a clue what's in it, I'd save my money.  
Just my opinion.  Let me know what you do, eh?  I'm curious.  Great to 
correspond with you again!

Dianne De Mink
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