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[IP] Sites in Thin Kids- Response

I am neither thin nor a kid - far from either, but if none of his sites last 
more than two days, I suspect something's wrong!  (Brillant, eh?) It seems 
unfair to traumatize him with a butt site, which afterall may only offer the 
advantage of more fat, and not necessarily less site degradation.  Does he 
get pump bumps (hard, redness) at his sites?  Do his blood sugars climb 
after 2 days?  (I'm assuming one or the other as most sites 'should' only 
last a couple of days- but for me, at least I'm talking at least 24 hours 
between changing and often can go from Monday to Thursday a.m. s without 
NEEDING to change - although I might do it for other reasons.  Site 
degradation is NOT my reason.)

Are you mixing insulins?  If not you may want to consider it, as many on 
this list suffer from site degradation with straight Humalog.  Good luck in 
your quest for more flexibility and happy pumping.  (It 'only' took me 2+ 
years to figure out what works best for me :-)  !!

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