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Re: [IP] heart bypass question

At 05:01 PM 6/12/00 Lori A. Willey wrote:
 >Hello all,
 >I have a question to ask:  If a person who is about 50 years old or so, has
 >a 5 bypass surgery, then doctors detect diabetes and say it is due to this,
 >will this last the rest of his lifetime?  Dr's have stated it may go away,
 >but I don't think I understand this.  I always was told once a diabetic,
 >always a diabetic??  This is a dad to one of my employee's and I want to
 >help him, with info etc, and his wife ahs several questions too.
 >Thanks for any and all advice.

I had a quintuple by-pass about 5 1/2 years ago. Of course, the doctor's 
blamed it on diabetes. (Of course, bad breath, zits and athletes foot are 
also caused by diabetes, right?) As far as diabetes going away... the only 
parallel I can think of is gestational diabetes... but that seems sort of 
far-fetched to me. Often the stress of a very traumatic event can bring out 
conditions like diabetes... in this case it would have happened at some 
point anyway, the stress just brought it out sooner. That's just my guess, 


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