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Re: [IP] Re:lunch

At 06:00 PM 6/12/00 Mark Capozzoli wrote:
 >Sam wrote on 6/12/00 at 15:39 hrs:
 >> The bottom line is that you are very fortunate that you can maintain such
 >> reliable control. I wish I could and I'm sure I have a lot of company.
 >> Sam
 >Thank You Sam.  I have been very fortunate and I owe that to the self
 >discipline and hard work.

I personally have a lot of self-discipline. Unfortunately my body won't 
cooperate with the best of my intentions. I eat 3 meals a day and have lots 
of fresh food, fruits and vegetables. No matter what I try, my system seems 
to have a mind of its own. I've been battling this for 21 years now. My 
sister is also a type 1 and she's been fighting the same exact problem for 
over 40 years. It must be genetics.

I have always read with envy about diabetics that could maintain reasonably 
consistent control... I'm always very lucky if my A1Cs ever get below 7.9. 
It just goes to show that there's no accounting for human differences.


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