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Re: [IP] Meter Software

Lifescan's InTouch software is alright... It'll read 
any of their one touch meters that has a port and 
generate some useful graphs when it works (the software 
is built on an access engine and is notoriously 
buggy).  Though you can combine results from meters or 
maintain separate profiles from each one.  As far as 
other makes goes I don't know of any, but the children 
with diabetes website has a list of various glucose 
meter software packages. (www.childrenwithdiabetes.org)

Fortunately lifescan does freely post their protocols 
on their website so I just wrote my own software that 
does the same thing and even adds in some extra 
features.  (I don't suppose your workstation runs unix? 
didn't think so...)  I'm working on building what I've 
been using into a web service... look for it in a few 

-Sara NSP (Non-Smartie Pants)

> I'm looking for meter software that will:
> 1). Allow me to uplod from 2 or 3 meters and combine 
the results
> 2). allow me to enter insulin and carb info
> 3).  Show me trends/graphs/patterns
> Any one have any great finds?
> Thanks,
> Ruth

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