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[IP] menstruation/insulin requirements

Ruth asked
>  AFTER the abrupt drop in insulin requirement  (when period
>  stops)...does it then pick up the next day to normal ?

In MY experience, I will wake up the day "it" starts LOW - either when i get 
up at 830, or a low will wake me up inthose predawn hours when my basal is 
jacked up, and even more so due to PMS hormones...I have to remember to 
adjust my basals down immediately, or I run LOW all day...As soon I put my 
basals back down to normal, I am fine.  Once "it" starts, I don't run "lower" 
I just am back to normal, so the higher basal is TOO much!  get it?

I am pretty predictable...some months I am so organizaed, I can adjust my 
basals down the night before and wake up in a good range....of course, then 
there are those times when I am a day or two late..grrrrr

>  phenomenon that should be expecting at age 11.

sigh - modern technology...back in the 70s of my puberty, I was in pretty 
crappy control...and puberty didn't hit any part of my body until I was 16

Sara LB
Sara Late Bloomer
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