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Re: [IP] lunch schmunch


I've been on this list since my daughter, Stephanie, went on a pump last November
(she is 8 years old) and always LOVE reading your messages!  This one I had to
reply to and say "You go girl"!

 email @ redacted wrote:

> Yes, great for YOU, and having met you, I know you do pretty damn well on
> your schedule, but I personally don't live a SIMPLE life...I work in the
> entertainment industry. I hated having to eat at a regular time when I was on
> MDI.

While Stephie is only 8 and doesn't have a "job" yet, the reasons you mention in
your e-mail are the same reasons I lobbied to get her a pump (btw...her ped. endo
now thanks me for pushing him)!  Stephie...from the moment she came out of the
shoot (actually she was an emergency c-section) has been an "unscheduled"
grazer.  She also loves that "unscheduled" entertainment industry (she has been
doing theater since the age of 4).  The combination of the two on MDI about drove
me to drink (well actually, I drank before...but you know what I mean).

> I, and most of the defectives I know, do NOT substitute dex tabs for meals,
> groddy to the max!!!  We use them for those variations and twists we put in
> our life that we can not predict...some people's bg  drop when they go on
> roller coaster rides...some people it goes up.

Speaking of those rollercoasters making you low or high.  Stephie also loves
them...the faster and more upside down the better!  She had a "new" rollercoaster
to contend with last night.  She was nominated for a local theater award here (we
live in Phoenix) and never dreamed she would win...guess what...she won!  She was
shaking up on stage when she did her "acceptance speech"...exact quote "Thank you
so much.  I'm glad I got to be in this play."....we'll have to work on that
before she gets her first Oscar! : )   When she came back to her seat, she said
"I felt low up there"...she checked 418!  We'll have to work on knowing the
difference between "butterflies" and low too! : )Laurie, mom to Alexia (11...who
sounds alot like geneva in the makeup, shaving, music departments) and Stephie
(8, dx 8/98, pumping since 11/99...who is living up to the promise she made to
Miss America...who Stephie met a few months after she was dx...to always pursue
her dreams!)

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