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RE: [IP] lunch schmunch

Hi all,

Okay, I am a little behind on digest here so I am just getting Sara's
response to Cap.  I am LOL.  However, Cap I do understand what you are
saying as on our trip to NYC (I was visiting Sara and Cap came up on the
ferry) you were the only one who really ate lunch that day!  Of course, Sara
and I were fine (with a few dex tabs from all the walking looking for Cap at
the ferry landing) and that is one of the reasons I love my pump.  We (Sara
and I) were running late and missed Cap's ferry and thus all 3 of us were
walking around the World Financial Center (in the rain) looking for each
other.  We did finally meet up and had a wonderful time but never bothered
to stop for lunch!  Too much to do and too much to see.  Cap had his trusty
turkey sandwich in his pocket, a little soggy from the rain, but still
there.  Now this would have been handy for hunger sake but due to the
wonders of our pumps neither Sara nor I needed it because we "had to eat".
Also it gave me and Sara the wonderful lack of calorie excuse to really pig
out that night in Little Italy!  So, as they say Cap YMMV glad your way
works for you but everyone is different.

Take care.


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