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RE: [IP] sites and summer

I also have problems with the tape sticking.  I have tried the IV 3000 but I don't find it to stick very well.  The tegaderm works wonders for me.  But if you put the tape on too tight it will pull and become loose.  If I am going to do alot of exercising and sweating I secure it down with adhesive tape over the tegaderm.  I just buy regular first aid tape...it doesn't look very attractive but it does the job.
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Subject: [IP] sites and summer

Our active 11 year old has lost three sites today from sweating through tennis camp and soccer tryouts.
Our usual routine of mastisol with tape is completely useless.
MM suggested IV 3000 then Mitchum anti-perspiring, then mastisol or benzoin with tegaderm, etc.
Anybody with any ideas?
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