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Re: [IP] to pump or not to pump

Personally, I find I have far more freedom being 'permanently hooked 
up' than I ever did taking 4 shots a day. Even in the short time I 
have been pumping, I now barley notice wearing the device.


>My husband and I had our first pump-exploration meeting with our son Gus(age
>7,dxd 10/98)...now some of the language everyone seems to use so easily is
>making more sense.  We've gotten the nod from his endo; the insurance co's
>approval is a formality.  Getting the pump (after a few more educational
>meetings) seems just around the corner.  And now WE'RE getting cold feet.
>The prospect of his being permantly hooked up/attached is daunting.  Isn't
>it better to get 4-6 shots/day and have the relative freedom of being
>unattached?  Gus wants to proceed...at the meeting he held the sample pump
>in his hand and remarked that this would be his pancreas.  Yup!  That'd be
>it!  Thoughts anyone?  do the benefits (better control) really outweigh the
>liabilities?  Thanks for responding.
>Thanks also for the recipes using cornstarch and PB.  The balls are perfect
>for before hockey or soccer games/practices.  I made a variation with almond
>butter, chopped almonds and almond extract.
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